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Transforming Lives


Wings of Victory Outreach offers a holistic approach to those experiencing homelessness who desire a better quality of life as defined in their goal setting.Our program offers participants an opportunity to acquire an independent, self-sufficient lifestyle by promoting character building and life-skills development. Goal setting in the following areas are encouraged: parenting, career development, employment, finances, housing, childcare issues, relationships, healthy living, workplace professionalism, and self-esteem.


Wings of Victory is an organization that reaches out and inform those (incarcerated, homeless, out of work, changing careers, etc.) in the community who are in need of employment awareness and preparation.

Employment Readiness

Workshops and seminars are provided to help develop skills that are needed to re-enter the workforce. The workshop and seminar topics include the following: resume writing, paper/online applications, dress- for- success, job searching, and mock interviewing.